A Healing Catch Collection


“The wound is the

place where the light

enters you”


How to wear it

Healing Style Tips

The beautifully curated Eternal Sun necklace  is a subtle reminder to acknowledge and celebrate inexhaustible powers within yourself. We give you three styling tips to play with.

  • release
  • rewire
  • return

Let go of what no longer serves you or who you should be according to the expectations of others. Express yourself with clothes that you most want to wear but are afraid to wear. Follow your heart. release. You are beautiful in all your ways.

Become the version of you that already exists but was asleep deep beneath all the layers. Be confident, put on the most feminine dress. To finish it, layer the Eternal Sun necklace with other jewelry.

Come to believe in your inner knowledge. Don’t shy away from your light. The light was always you. Wear the Eternal Sun necklace solo. add a subtle glitter to your skin. Wear a nice basic top, with a vintage gilet over it and you're ready to go.