The Reminder

A Catchers is for women who desire more than just beautiful jewelry. We are here to offer you a meaningful experience, as each piece of jewelry we create embraces a profound theme. This theme reminds you of your authentic true self, and every time you wear our jewelry, it will connect you with what you need most in that moment.

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A Beloved Catch Collection

The last A Catchers collection, A Beloved Catch was created with love and attention to craftsmanship. The necklace in this collection serves as a gentle reminder to cherish self-love, which in turn fosters deeper connections with others. As the famous poet Rumi once said, “Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”

How to wear it

Beloved Style Tips

The A Catchers jewelry combine endlessly! Need inspiration? We give you three styling tips!

  • Balance
  • Center
  • Love

Create balance in your look by pairing the Beloved necklace with a harmonious mix of contrasting elements. Opt for a delicate blouse with feminine details and combine it with a rugged leather jacket.

Let the Beloved necklace shine as a beacon of inner peace by combining it with a simple, understated outfit. Choose a timeless white shirt and comfortable black trousers.

Radiate your loving energy by pairing the Beloved necklace with an elegant dress in warm, vibrant colors. Showcase your passion by incorporating floral details or an eye-catching accessory that reflects your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the A Catchers box?

    The A Catchers box is a jewelry subscription box with a story. Each box comes with its own theme. Because of the changing theme each edition you will discover a different unique side of yourself. Besides the jewelry you also receive inspiration cards and more fun extra’s. A new box comes every six months.

  • What’s inside the box?

    The box contains one exclusively designed piece of jewelry, three intuition cards, an accompanying booklet and a card with more information about the collaborating jewelry brand.

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