How it all started

Life reminded me

In the age of haste, we desperately need to slow down and be reminded of what truly matters: our own self. When we don’t make time to pause in appreciation of who we are, we fail to care for our spirit and body. But when we do find the time, wonderful things happen, and we flourish from within.

So, let me tell you a story. My story. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that started over 12 years ago. I was overwhelmed by the news when my diagnosis came. “What will happen to my life?” I thought.

Through the years, I’ve had periods of illness intertwined with symptom-free moments. The unpredictability was challenging to deal with. A day came when I was prescribed medications that didn’t allow me to get pregnant. Then I realized that something had to change. I couldn’t go like this any longer.

I left the pills behind and went on a quest of learning how to manage my symptoms with the help of nature – healthy food, right supplements, meditation and yoga. I brushed aside the norms, do’s and don’ts and managed to put my true self in focus.

With love

Whatever your situation is, with the A Catchers box I want to give you a delicate reminder to take care of yourself, to embrace yourself wholly and to put yourself first. I too need this reminder every single day.

A Catchers jewelry are not merely accessories but tokens of self-love and acknowledgement. Put them on and cherish yourself as there is no greater gift than accepting oneself.