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Fall 2020

Current Box

Awaken your wild side with the box of Fall ’20 edition. Inside, you’ll find a hand-crafted jewelry piece exclusively designed for A Catchers and three intuition cards, plus the guidance. Members-only price € 69. VIP member price € 57.


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Wild Style Tips

The beautifully curated piece is an ode to the wild. We give you three styling tips to play with.

  • Unleash
  • Reconnect
  • Awake

The beautifully curated piece is an ode to the wild. Do you want to play it wild? Put on a cowboy hat, your A Catchers jewelry piece, a leather jacket and explore your inner wild Amazon.

Layer it with other jewelry for a stylish mix & match look. A loose white dress is a 'must' in every wild woman's closet.

Wear it solo to get all eyes (and compliments) on it. Add instant-cool to your gold necklace with a nude top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different subscription plans?

    There are two different subscription plans. You can choose to become a member and receive a new edition every quarter and cancel at any time. Or you can choose to remain a member for one year and receive an attractive discount and exclusive member benefits.

  • What is the A Catchers box?

    The A Catchers box is a jewelry subscription box. A new box comes every three months.

  • What’s inside the box?

    The box contains one exclusively designed piece of jewelry, three intuition cards, an accompanying booklet and a card with more information about the collaborating jewelry brand.

  • When will I receive my box?

    The box is shipped at the end of each quarter. This can sometimes differ due to delivery times of our suppliers.