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  • What should I do if my payment is unsuccessful?

    If you are already an A Catchers member, we will make three attempts to debit your account. If all three are unsuccessful, we will contact you per phone or email If several future collection attempts fail, we will withhold shipment of the box until your billing details are updated. The subscription will go into pending mode until your billing details are updated. However, this will not cancel the subscription.

  • When will the payment be debited from my account?

    For quarterly subscriptions, the payment for your first A Catchers box will be withdrawn at the time of checkout. For subsequent boxes, payments are automatically withdrawn between the 20th and the 30th of the month, regardless of the sign-up date.

  • What are the different payment methods?

    You can pay securely via iDeal, PayPal or Credit Card. If you purchased a quarterly subscription, your payment for the next box will be automatically deducted at the end of each quarter from your designated payment method, unless cancelled within the term deadline.

    If you opted for a yearly subscription, the total amount for all boxes is due at the time of the original order, and will be renewed at expiration, unless cancelled within the term deadline.

  • What is the A Catchers box?

    The A Catchers box is a jewelry subscription box. A new box comes every three months.