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  • How much is a membership subscription?

    A regular subscription costs € 69 per quarter (€ 23 per month). A VIP subscription costs € 57 per quarter (€ 19 per month).

  • Do I have to re-subscribe every quarter?

    No, the subscription is automatically extended until you decide to cancel it, which is possible at any time.

  • How can I quit my membership?

    We love having you as a member of our community. But we respect your decision. You can easily cancel your membership through your account.

  • What are the perks of my membership?

    Always free shipping and returns, you’ll be the first to receive the new box, exclusive access to our self-love guides, exciting personal development challenges and even more surprising benefits.

  • Can I choose the color of the jewelry piece I will receive in my box?

    The box contains a gold jewelry piece. In case there is a high demand for a silver jewelry piece, we will offer you a possibility to choose between gold and silver jewelry. You can select your preference under preferences on My account.

  • What are the different subscription plans?

    There are two different subscription plans. You can choose to become a member and receive a new edition every quarter and cancel at any time. Or you can choose to remain a member for one year and receive an attractive discount and exclusive member benefits.

  • What is the A Catchers box?

    The A Catchers box is a jewelry subscription box. A new box comes every three months.