I’ll be back

I tried to find the right words. There aren’t any. Giving up has never been an option.

Part of my life has always gone differently than I could have anticipated, due to illness. Disappointments and setbacks are not foreign to me. Despite this, I always found the strength and motivation to keep going.

Until recently.

Because what I have to deal with now surpasses everything: breast cancer.

Life is calling me back. Was I going too fast? Tears sting behind my eyes. The only thing that counts today is healing. Surrendering to the treatment plan. Going through it. Taking rest. Positive vibes.

So I’ve decided to put A Catchers on hold temporarily.

It feels a bit like failure. I proclaimed that A Catchers was my sunshine in this darkness. Surely I was just going to pull this off…! I had it all figured out. My boyfriend would pick up the orders and any other ongoing business. But the orders refrained from coming in.

I can’t help but wonder, is the universe trying to tell me something?

The shadow side in my life right now is allowed to be present and take space (no matter how painful it feels). After all, this is the essence of the new A Whole Catch collection. If there is anyone who can properly convey this right now, it is me.

It is with pain in my heart that I write this. Of course I would rather not put my baby on hold. But as a self-made entrepreneur, I am alone at this battle. I could hand over the baton for a while if I were a self-made millionaire. But I’m not. There is no backer, no group of investors or a wealthy associate. It’s ‘just me’.

I am grateful for our members, all the orders, you who has been following us for a long time or just recently joined us. I put my A Catchers adventure and dream on hold for a while.

That does not mean it is over. I’ll be back.

Want to keep supporting me? You can. Then keep following us on Instagram. The current box will be available for order for a while until stock runs out.*

With the purchase of this box you support me twice as hard. A lot of time, love and money has been put into this.

You are all valuable. I will let you know something from time to time. If you want to send me a message. Please do so, I only like it.

Until we see again!


* P.S. As a thank you for your support you get 10% discount with the code THANKYOU.