A Wild Catch Collection

They won’t tell you fairytales
of how girls can be dangerous and still win.
They will only tell you stories
where girls are sweet and kind
and reject all sib.
I guess to them
it’s a terrifying thought,
a red riding hood
who knew exactly
what she was doing
when she invited the wild in.

Nikita Gill

How to wear it

Wild Style Tips

The beautifully curated Wild Moon necklace is an ode to the wild. We give you three styling tips to play with.

  • Unleash
  • Reconnect
  • Awake

Do you want to play it wild? Put on a cowboy hat, your A Catchers jewelry piece, a leather jacket and explore your inner wild Amazon.

Layer it with other jewelry for a stylish mix & match look. A loose white dress is a 'must' in every wild woman's closet.

Wear it solo to get all eyes (and compliments) on it. Add instant-cool to your gold necklace with a nude top.