A Whole Catch Collection

Come to me whole:
With your flaws, your scars and
everything you consider imperfect.

Then let me show you what I see.
I see galaxies in your eyes and
fire in your hair.

I see journeys in your palms
and adventure waiting in your
smile. I see what you cannot:
you are absolutely, maddeningly,
irrevocably perfect.


How to wear it

Whole Style Tips

The beautifully curated Whole Moon Studs and Teardrop Earrings remind you to embrace yourself completely. We give you three styling tips to play with.

  • Reveal
  • Renew
  • Embrace

Step into your personal power, indolence and joy with a confident outfit. Combine our Whole Catch earrings with some simple yet stylish rings and with a black blazer. Show some skin and reveal your power.

Time to get cozy. Create a homey feeling by combining both of the earrings with a oversized sweater or big turtleneck and put on that stylish hat.

Gone are the times of fear and self doubt. Combine your Teardrop Earrings with a elegant black turtleneck and some chunky statement rings.