Why the A Catchers box is the perfect gift

More than a jewelry piece

  • A timeless jewelry piece that is more than a pretty accessory.
  • Give your friend a tangible reminder of her unique, wonderful soul.

  • Always an exclusive piece of jewelry, co-created with a sustainable designer

A reminder of you

The gift that lasts

The best part about this gift is that the gifting doesn’t stop when the box is delivered at her doorstep. Oh, no! Firstly, the intuition cards will guide her to take a pause every day and tune in with herself. Secondly, the one of a kind jewelry piece will serve as a daily reminder of her beautiful self. This is the gift that lasts.

Self-love delivered

How gifting works

  • Choose the duration of the subscription. Select how many boxes you want to purchase.

  • Send the box right away or later. Choose the perfect time to send the A Catchers Box to your loved one.

  • Stay up to date. You will be notified when we send the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the A Catchers box?

    The A Catchers box is a jewelry subscription box with a story. Each box comes with its own theme. Because of the changing theme each edition you will discover a different unique side of yourself. Besides the jewelry you also receive inspiration cards and more fun extra’s. A new box comes every six months.

  • What’s inside the box?

    The box contains one exclusively designed piece of jewelry, three intuition cards, an accompanying booklet and a card with more information about the collaborating jewelry brand.

  • What are the different subscription plans?

    There are two different subscription plans. You can choose to become a member and receive a new edition half-yearly and cancel at any time. Or you can choose to remain a member for one year and receive an attractive discount and exclusive member benefits.